HiTack Primer 600ml Aerosol

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600ml Aerosol Can. 

HiTack Primer is a clear aerosol spray primer designed  for the adhesion of thermoplastic road markings onto bituminous and non-bituminous substrates. HiTack Primer is an easy to apply, colourless aerosol spray tack coat primer.   Please note the product is the same, it's just the packaging that's changing. We have the old design in stock, if dispatched from the supplier, it will be the new packaging.  

The use of HiTack Primer with Thermoplastic markings is strongly recommended on any substrate that may prove difficult for thermoplastic top adhere to, especially where there is little surface texture.

  • Increased adhesion of thermoplastic to substrate.
  • Easy application from aerosol.
  • Ready to use straight from the can.

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