Hot Applied Thermoplastic Screed 25kg Bags

£30.00 Exc. VAT

Hot Applied Thermoplastic Screed. Supplied in 25kg meltable 'poly' bags.


Reflective road markings play a vital role when it comes to helping drivers follow road markings clearly in the dark. HiBrite thermoplastic is a durable, reflective road marking material engineered to achieve the highest levels of retro reflectivity, colour, heat stability, durability and adhesion. HiBrite reflective road markings are formulated with the highest quality raw materials and can be adapted to suit a wide range of climates. *Please note; laying hot applied thermoplastic screed to form road / car park markings is a specialist application which should only be undertaken by individuals that have received the correct training. 1 bag can cover (depending on surface type) around 40m - 50m at 100mm width.