Tough Patch 6mm - 25kg Tubs

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  • Tip: We recommend the use of SCJ spray to create a water proof seal between the old and new surface as well as creating great adhesion.
  • Tip 2: During colder temperatures, store the Pothole Repair in a room temperature area overnight before use. This will help soften the product making it easier to apply, or placing it in the footwell of your vehicle with heating on.
  • Tip3: Spray/Pour 1 litre of water per 25kg of Tough Patch. (see data sheet for more information)

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Tough Patch 6mm grade is a rapid curing, permanent cold-lay surfacing material suitable for defect repairs, potholes, trench reinstatement, utility installations, patching in car parks, driveways and other local repairs. Ideally suited for use on bituminous /asphalt and cementitious paving and road substrates. Tough Patch benefits:

  • First time permanent, emergency and temporary repairs
  • Instantly trafficable
  • Can be cored after 24 hours
  • Use in all weathers
  • Innovative reactive binder
  • Easy to use and apply