Cold Joint Sealer and Tack Coat Spray (SCJ) 750ml Cans

£16.38 Exc. VAT

1 Aerosol Can of SCJ to every 3 Tubs of Tarmac. Sold Individually. Used for Pothole Repair ONLY. To buy in BULK, head over to our Offers.

SCJ is a cold joint sealer that is applied onto vertical edges and surface base before the application of asphalt. HAPAS approved since 2005, SCJ prevents water ingress which improves bond and prolongs the life of your repair. Benefits

  • Can be used in all weathers
  • Simple and economical to apply
  • No waste
  • Approved for use on the London Underground and Overground
  • Calculation based on approximately 150 linear metres per can – dependent on thickness applied

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